Sep 25 2017

Australian Banks Remove ATM Fees

Australian Banks announce the Removal of ATM Fees

On 24th September 2017, the CBA, Westpac, ANZ and NAB announced the removal of fees incurred on their ATM’s when used by non bank customers.

Sep 14 2017

Medicare Levy Reduction or Exemption

Australian Low Income Earners can Qualify for a Medicare Levy Reduction or Exemption

If your taxable income is equal to or less than; $21,655 you do not have to pay the Medicare levy.
If you are a senior or pensioner, then that threshold becomes $34,244.

If your taxable income is between $21,655 and $27,068 ($34,244 and $42,805 for seniors and pensioners) then you may be entitled to a Medicare Levy Reduction.
Your Medicare Levy will be calculated at 10% of the difference between your taxable Income and the lower limit (eg: $21,655 or $34,244)

Example Rates..

Sep 14 2017

$3.05 per week Increase in Australian Aged Pension from Sept 2017

Singles on the Aged pension will receive an extra $3.05 per week, while a married person will get an extra $2.30 per week.

The new, fortnightly, rates from 20th September 2017 are:..

Sep 14 2017

Aged Pension Rates in Australia 2017

Australian Aged Pension Eligibility:

If your birthdate is before 1 July 1952 you’ll be old enough at 65 years
If your birthdate is 1 July 1952 to 31 December 1953 you’ll be old enough at 65 years and 6 months

Sep 07 2017

Water Costs when Renting in Sydney, NSW

How Much Does a Tenant Pay For Water in Sydney, NSW

A landlord can only ask a tenant to pay for water charges if certain conditions are met by the property.

An example of a Water Bill, as an Owner:

$262 Total Charge
$ 81 Fixed Charge Water Access
$115 Fixed Charge Sewerage Access
$ 66 Water usage

Based on that Bill, a tenant could only be charged the $66 for the water usage.

Aug 24 2017

Registered Relationships in South Australia

South Australian Couples, of either Sex, can Register a Relationship in their State

Couples can now register their relationship with Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) if at least one person in the relationship lives in South Australia. Couples may apply irrespective of their sex or gender identity.

Aug 24 2017

Dual Citizenship Political Crisis: Court Delays Hearing to October 2017

Court Hearing on the Dual Citizenship Political Crisis Deferred to October 2017

The hearing at Brisbane court in the Dual Citizenship cases for various Australian Politicians has been deferred to be heard in Canberra on October 10-12 2017.

Aug 22 2017

Avoid downloading Movies in Australia, Penalties might apply

Penalties to be Applied to Australians downloading movies illegally from the Internet

News reports are showing the severity of penalties for illegal downloads in the future.
GAME of Thrones fans illegally streaming their favourite fantasy drama could face up to ten years in prison under new laws.
IF YOU live in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne or Sydney, your IP-addresses might have been flagged as one of the 1.77 million people who downloaded Game of Thrones.

Aug 16 2017

Labor MP’s who may be Dual Citizens

A few Labor Members of Parliament are being questioned over Possible Dual Citizenship problems.

The problems with Australian Members of Parliament, unknowingly or knowingly, holding dual citizenship is being delved into further with more possible MP’s being questioned about their current status.
The latest four to be asked about this are: Tony Zappia, born in Italy, with Italian Citizenship, Maria Vamvakinou born in Greece with Greek Citizenship, Justine Keay, born in Australia but with a British father and Susan Lamb, born in Australia but with British father.

Aug 16 2017

Australian Credit Cards with No Annual Fee

Australian Credit Cards with No Annual Fee

Some of the Australian banks issue credit cards without an annual fee, some only give the first year free, as an incentive to sign up, but others offer lifetime free.

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