Aug 22 2017

Avoid downloading Movies in Australia, Penalties might apply

Penalties to be Applied to Australians downloading movies illegally from the Internet

News reports are showing the severity of penalties for illegal downloads in the future.
GAME of Thrones fans illegally streaming their favourite fantasy drama could face up to ten years in prison under new laws.
IF YOU live in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne or Sydney, your IP-addresses might have been flagged as one of the 1.77 million people who downloaded Game of Thrones.

Aug 16 2017

Labor MP’s who may be Dual Citizens

A few Labor Members of Parliament are being questioned over Possible Dual Citizenship problems.

The problems with Australian Members of Parliament, unknowingly or knowingly, holding dual citizenship is being delved into further with more possible MP’s being questioned about their current status.
The latest four to be asked about this are: Tony Zappia, born in Italy, with Italian Citizenship, Maria Vamvakinou born in Greece with Greek Citizenship, Justine Keay, born in Australia but with a British father and Susan Lamb, born in Australia but with British father.

Aug 16 2017

Australian Credit Cards with No Annual Fee

Australian Credit Cards with No Annual Fee

Some of the Australian banks issue credit cards without an annual fee, some only give the first year free, as an incentive to sign up, but others offer lifetime free.

Aug 14 2017

Is the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia a New Zealand Citizen

Barnaby Joyce is the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.
Barnaby Joyce was born on 17 April 1967, in Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia.
His father was a British Subject, born 1927 in New Zealand, and moving to Australia in 1947, as a British Subject, not a New Zealand citizen.

Aug 13 2017

Australian Pensioners to Lose the Clean Energy Supplement

The Energy Supplement – formerly the Clean Energy Supplement – won’t be paid from 20 March 2017. But it is for some.

Aug 12 2017

Homeless in Australia

Australia is a reasonably well off country, with quite good social services and welfare resources. However, the country still has a number of homeless people, although normally about 90% of the official number actually have somewhere to live. This accommodation may not be ideal, or with long term security.  Living with friends and relatives is the most common form of Homelessness for young people.

Aug 10 2017

Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment 2017 – Second Reading

Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment 2017 – Second Reading Snippets of this 2nd Reading: Residence Requirement for Citizenship: An applicant for Australian citizenship will need to demonstrate a minimum of four years of permanent residence immediately prior to their application for citizenship, with a maximum of 12 months outside of Australia over the period of that …

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Jul 28 2017

Matt Canavan, QLD Senator resigns over Dual Citizenship

Matt Canavan, the Cabinet Resources Minister, and Liberal Party Senator for Qld, has quit his Cabinet position after being told that he is an Italian citizen.

Jul 28 2017

Tony Abbott proves he’s ONLY an Australian

Tony Abbott renounced his UK citizenship in October 1993, before he was first elected into the Australian Parliament.

Jul 19 2017

Foreign Born Australian Federal Politicians

Birthplaces of 25 Overseas Born Australian Federal Politicians

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