Jul 19 2017

Australian Senators Resign due to Dual Citizenship

Two Australian Senators have Resigned due to Dual Citizenship

Under Section 44 of the Australian constitution, a person cannot run for federal office if they hold any citizenship other than Australian, including those with Dual Citizenship.

Larissa Waters, Greens party senator for Qld, is a Canadian citizen, and anAustralian, having arrived in Australia when she was was 11 months old.
Scott Ludlam, Greens party senator for WA, is a New Zealand citizen, and an Australian, having arrived in Australia when he was was 3 years old.

Larissa Waters and Scott Ludlam were both under the impression that they no longer held their original birth citizenship.

Both Larissa Waters and Scott Ludlam held the joint position of co-deputy leader of the Australian Greens.

Larissa Waters and Scott Ludlam Resignation Statements:

Larissa Waters Statement: larissa-waters.greensmps.org.au

Scott Ludlam Statement: scott-ludlam.greensmps.org.au

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  1. Admin

    28 July 2017
    Matt Canavan, the Cabinet Resources Minister, and Liberal Party Senator for Qld, has quit his Cabinet position after being told that he is an Italian citizen.

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