Jan 07 2018

Can A Visitor Visa Holder Change to a Working Visa Holder

Changing from a Visitor Visa Holder to a Working Visa Holder in Australia

When in Australia on a Visitor Visa, some people decide they would like to stay, and begin working in Australia.

A Visitor Visa does not permit working, and would result in deportation and a future ban on entry onto Australia, if this did happen.

Changing to a Working Visa is often considered, but it is not as easy as that. The person would need to apply for a new type of Visa that did permit working, and often that means leaving Australia to do so.

Many Visas have certain conditions on them, and Visitor Visas often have a “No Further Stay” condition, meaning that they cannot apply to stay in Australia after their Visa ends.

The following condition numbers, shown on a Visa, indicate that the visa holder has a ‘No Further Stay’ condition attached:

Condition 8503
Condition 8534
Condition 8535

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