International Arrivals Refuse COVID testing.

Some quarantined international arrivals refuse to take COVID testing before they leave quarantine and mingle with the Australian public. COVID-19 cases are on the rise again in Australia.

About 5,000 international arrivals,
being held in hotel quarantine in Victoria, have refused to be tested for the coronavirus.

Deputy Chief Health Officer in Victoria, Annaliese van Diemen, confirmed yesterday that about 30 per cent of international arrivals, approximately 5,000 people, have refused to be tested, despite multiple offers of testing during their 14-day stay.

With the coronavirus spreading in some of these hotels, it seems likely that some of these may be leaving quarantine whilst still, or newly infected.

Even security guards at these quarantine hotel have been infected and have taken the virus home to their families, contributing to Victoria’s escalating COVID-19 outbreak.

It only takes one international arrival to have the virus, pass it to a security guard, who then passes it on to other quarantined arrivals, and the virus spreads.

There have been 59 cases of COVID brought into Australia, by international arrivals, in the last 7 days. There are another 112 local cases, the number of these that were transmitted from international arrivals is not yet clear from the figures I have seen.

61% off all cases since January have been international arrivals.

Out of the 47 new cases (International arrivals and Locally acquired) in the last 24 hours; 41 were in Victoria and 6 in New South Wales. No new cases in the other States.

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  2. The Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, has just announced that testing for international arrivals in hotel quarantine will now be compulsory.

    Testing will be mandatory on day 11 of quarantine from today, Sunday 28 June 2020.

    Mandatory or Compulsory, does not mean that they still cannot refuse, but, those who do still refuse will be kept in hotel quarantine for an extra 10 days, a total of 24 days.
    This is the same rule that NSW has.

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  4. Victoria has just announced that they have 49 new cases. With all being locally acquired. I wonder how many were acquired from recently released quarantined arrivals.

    The 3 cases in NSW were all international arrivals.

    Western Australia has also announced 1 new case, an international arrival in quarantine.

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