Jul 19 2017

Australian Senators Resign due to Dual Citizenship

Two Australian Senators, both being the joint deputy leaders of the Australian Greens, have Resigned due to Dual Citizenship, both under the impression that they no longer held their original birth citizenship.

Jul 13 2017

Health Checks for Non Migrating Children

A recent question was asked by a parent who was migrating to Australia, but whose child, under 18, was not migrating at the same time.
The applicant was asked to arrange a medical for themselves and any dependent non-migrating family members, and this included the child.

Jul 09 2017

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Australia, 2016

Australia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was A$1.66 Trillion in the 2015/16 year

Jul 01 2017

The Height and Weight of the Average Australian

The Height and Weight of the Average Australian in 2017 is …

Jun 30 2017

Electricity Price Changes July 2017

Are you reading about the massive rate rises for Electricity costs from 1st July 2017?
One energy expert has been quoted as saying “Consumers on the eastern seaboard could see retail electricity prices rise by as much as 30 per cent“.
But what is the real rise in your area?

Jun 28 2017

Census 2016: Australian Population by Capital City

Greater Sydney, NSW, is still the City with the largest population, with 4,823,991 residents at the 2016 Census.
Greater Darwin, NT, is the smallest with just 136,828 residents

Jun 28 2017

Census 2016: Australian Median Weekly Household Income

The Australian Median weekly household income (in Capital Cities) varies between $2,183 and $1,234 per week, depending on the City of residence.

Jun 28 2017

2016 Census: Home Ownership and Renting Rates

31.0% of residences are owned outright (No Mortgage) down from 41.1% in 1991
72.9% of residences are Separate Houses
The average number of people living in each household, in 2016, was 2.6 people.

Jun 28 2017

2016 Census: Australian Median Income

The average Median Income for Australia is $662 per week, and this ranges between $998 per week in the ACT down to $573 per week in Tasmania.

Jun 28 2017

2016 Census: Australian Population by State

The 2016 Population of Australia was 23,401,892 people, an increase from the 2011 Census figure of 21,507,717.

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