Nov 15 2017

Average Daily Residential Water Consumption in Queensland

South East Queensland Average daily residential water consumption was 159 Litres per person in September 2015
South East Queensland has reduced its average water consumption by almost 16% in the period between 2012 and Sept 2015, but some area have done much Better, and Worse.
The Scenic Rim area has been best with a reduction from 190 litres per person to just 101, although both those numbers look out of the normal range.

Nov 10 2017

Poverty Level in Australia

What is the Poverty Level in Australia

In 2016, 2.99 million people in Australia (13.3% of the population), were living below the poverty level, after taking account of their housing costs.

To be considered ‘below the poverty level’, their incomes must be less than:

$895.22 per week: Couple with 2 children. ($46,551 per year)

Oct 20 2017

Winter Temperatures in Australia

How Cold is it in Winter in Australia

That is a question I have seen many times, and the answer always has to be; “It depends on what part”, as it varies so much..

A winter night can be as high as 28°C in one part while it is as low as minus 10°C in another area.
And a Winter day can be as high as 38°C but down to minus 6°C in another part.
These were 2016 figures, 2017 is similar.

Oct 20 2017

Income Test for Newstart Allowance

Income Test for The Newstart Allowance Income Test Rates

The Australian New Start Allowance, a welfare benefit for the unemployed, has its own Income Test which is different to the Income Test for Aged Pensions.

You are allowed to earn up to $104 per fortnight without any deductions, but any earnings over $104 per fortnight will incur a deduction of 50 cents in each dollar.

However, if you earn over $254 in the fortnight, you have a slightly higher amount deducted from the excess above $254. This deduction is 60 cents for each dollar earned over $254.

Oct 20 2017

Newstart Allowance Rates July 2017

Australian Newstart Allowance Rates
Newstart Allowance is a benefit for the Unemployed, and is paid fortnightly.
The rates are:

Sep 25 2017

Australian Banks Remove ATM Fees

Australian Banks announce the Removal of ATM Fees

On 24th September 2017, the CBA, Westpac, ANZ and NAB announced the removal of fees incurred on their ATM’s when used by non bank customers.

Sep 22 2017

Public Social Housing Income and Asset Limits in Victoria

Social housing is for people on low incomes who need housing, especially those who have recently experienced homelessness, family violence or have other special needs. It might be provided by the Government or by Community housing providers.

Asset limits for Social Housing in Victoria

Total assets to register Interest in Social Housing must not exceed $31,520
Priority Access for housing might be applied for by those with assets not exceeding $5,253

Weekly Household Income limits for Social Housing in Victoria

$   978 Single person
$1,498 Couple, no dependants
$2,019 Family (one or two parents) with dependent children

Sep 14 2017

Medicare Levy Reduction or Exemption

Australian Low Income Earners can Qualify for a Medicare Levy Reduction or Exemption

If your taxable income is equal to or less than; $21,655 you do not have to pay the Medicare levy.
If you are a senior or pensioner, then that threshold becomes $34,244.

If your taxable income is between $21,655 and $27,068 ($34,244 and $42,805 for seniors and pensioners) then you may be entitled to a Medicare Levy Reduction.
Your Medicare Levy will be calculated at 10% of the difference between your taxable Income and the lower limit (eg: $21,655 or $34,244)

Example Rates..

Sep 14 2017

$3.05 per week Increase in Australian Aged Pension from Sept 2017

Singles on the Aged pension will receive an extra $3.05 per week, while a married person will get an extra $2.30 per week.

The new, fortnightly, rates from 20th September 2017 are:..

Sep 14 2017

Aged Pension Rates in Australia 2017

Australian Aged Pension Eligibility:

If your birthdate is before 1 July 1952 you’ll be old enough at 65 years
If your birthdate is 1 July 1952 to 31 December 1953 you’ll be old enough at 65 years and 6 months

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