Jun 13 2017

Parking at Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane

Cost of Parking at Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane

My first reaction, when looking at the parking costs to visit Roma Street Parklands in Brisbane, was of shock when I saw the prices quoted at: secureparking.com.au for the Standard Car Parking Rates:

Monday – Sunday, Public Holidays:
Free 0 – 10 Mins
$15.60 10 Mins – 15 Mins
$26.60 15 Mins – 30 Mins

Ouch, I thought, and realising I might be there for a few hours, I saw that 3 hours plus was $79 !!

But then I saw they had Weekend Parking with these rates:

Saturday – Sunday, Public Holidays
Enter After 5:00 AM
Exit Before 5:00 AM
Flat Rate $15.00

It still looks confusing, as both rates appear to cover Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

But I am going on a Friday !!

Another option looks like:

Monday – Friday
Enter After 4:00 PM
Exit Before 5:00 AM
Flat Rate $15.00

Might be best to look for Street Parking in Brisbane CBD. These metered parking spots seem to be cheaper, with Maximum charges quoted at www.visitbrisbane.com.au/…/street-parking of Zone 1: weekdays $10, weekends $6; zone 2: $8.40; zone 3: $5.00

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