Nov 10 2017

Poverty Level in Australia

What is the Poverty Level in Australia

In 2016, 2.99 million people in Australia (13.3% of the population), were living below the poverty level, after taking account of their housing costs.

To be considered ‘below the poverty level’, their incomes must be less than:

$895.22 per week: Couple with 2 children. ($46,551 per year)
$426.30 per week: Lone person. ($22,167 per year)

Some Statistics:

55% of those receiving Newstart Allowance (Unemployed) were below the poverty level.
51.5% receiving Parenting Payment were below the poverty level.
36.2% of those receiving Disability Support Pension were below the poverty level.
13.9% of those on the Age Pension were below the poverty level.

Source:  www.acoss.org.au/poverty


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