QBD Books: New delivery charges

QBD Books have made some changes to their shipping charges for their online store.

$5.95 Shipping

Free Shipping Over $60 

QBD Books

Who are QBD?

QBD (Queensland Book Depot) was started in the late 1890s and developed into a major book retailer in Queensland by the 1980s.

In October 2016, Cover Syndicate Pty Ltd (an Australian corporation) purchased the QBD business, and re-branded it as QBD Books, offering massive savings off new titles and a huge range of readily available titles in store with more available to customer order.

The future is bright for the industry and with more new locations on the horizon, QBD Books will continue to be a major book retailer in Australia.

Cover Syndicate Pty Ltd operates the following Business names:

  • QBD Books
  • Book frenzy
  • QBD The Bookshop
3.1 - 217,558

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