QLD New Covid Cases


New COVID-19 cases in QLD.

21st October: One new case in Queensland from an overseas arrival and detected while in hotel quarantine.

There are now 1,165 total cases in Queensland, with 5 being classed as active.

16th October 2020: Queensland has reported two new COVID cases, and both are arrivals from overseas.

  • One came into Queensland from Africa, and went directly into hotel quarantine in Cairns.
  • Another entered Queensland from the United States and was in hotel quarantine on the Gold Coast.

Neither are classed as a risk to the general public.

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said: “As more Australians come home, we will see more Australians with the virus.

Queensland has recorded 7 cases so far in October. There were 35 new cases in September.

Of the 1,164 total cases in Queensland:

  • 4 are considered still active
  • 2 are in hospital
  • 6 have died.

Source of infection

  • 864 Overseas acquired.
  • 21 Interstate acquired.
  • 238 Locally Acquired, a close contact with confirmed case.
  • 41 Locally Acquired, no known contact.


16 Oct 2020: 2 new cases, both international arrivals.
15 Oct 2020: 1 new case, a woman in her 30s, who returned from 3 days in Melbourne.
10 Oct 2020: 1 new case.
2 Oct 2020: 3 new cases.


Monthly case numbers

  • 1,157 cases at end of September (35 cases in the month)
  • 1,122 cases at end of August (39 cases in the month)
  • 1,083 cases at end of July (16 cases in the month)
  • 1,067 cases at end of June (9 cases in the month)
  • 1,058 cases at end of May (25 cases in the month)
  • 1,033 cases at end of April (290 cases in the month)
  • 743 cases at end of March (734 cases in the month)
  • 9 cases at end of February (7 cases in the month)
  • 2 cases at end of January (2 cases in the month)


6.1 - 293,101

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