Subclass 300 Visas Granted in 2020


Prospective Marriage Visa (subclass 300) GRANTS in 2020

These are some of the known subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visas GRANTED in 2020.

This is to show people who are still waiting, that some are being granted, and give an idea of how long it can take. But remember, all applications are different, and these differences can affect the time that processing takes.

  • Granted 06 May 2020 – Applied 06 Dec 2018. From Beirut. (Lebanese) 17 months.
  • Granted 29 Jun 2020 – Applied 14 Dec 2019. 6.5 months (UK)
  • Granted 03 Jul 2020 – Applied 18 May 2019. From Pretoria. (Zimbabwean) 15.6 months.
  • Granted 18 Sep 2020 – Applied 15 Sep 2019. 12.1 months (USA)
  • Granted 09 Oct 2020 – Applied 15 Aug 2019. 13.8 months (Peru)
  • Granted 15 Oct 2020 – Applied 25 Feb 2020. 7.7 months (India)

You can see that these PMV grants have taken between 6.5 and 17 months.

Please add your details in the comments below if yours has been granted, so I can add it to the above.

76.1 - 293,118

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2 thoughts on “Subclass 300 Visas Granted in 2020”

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  2. My partner and I applied for PMV 300 on 7 Feb 2020 and he did his biometric testing that month. We heard nothing until early September when I started contacting our agent for updates and he gave us the referral for my partner’s medical assessment which he has now completed. The agent says the immigration file was updated from this and he’s now asking my partner to get his police clearance. He is still be very vague on processing times and not giving us any hope of a xmas approval but I would think with a medical and police certificate out of the way, surely the approval isn’t too far off?? My partner is in Nigeria. I have tried looking online to see how long after medicals and police certificate that visas are approved but there’s not much info out there. Any thoughts or experience with this would be great!

    1. The processing in the African continent is quite slow, when compared to other countries.

      All PMVs are very slow at the moment, unless with extenuating circumstances. Even after the grant, it might be impossible to get a travel exemption to be allowed to fly in.

      A PMV approval does not mean you can travel.

      Immigration are saying they will refund the application fees for PMVs that have been granted, and where they COVID situation means they are not allowed to travel to Australia. That way you can apply again after COVID. I personally feel it might be better to wait, rather than go through all that again.

      However, if you really want the grant now, it probably is worth doing the police clearances, and of course, applying for a travel ban exemption, based on the PMV application, but I would not hold out too much hope for a grant before Christmas.

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