Subclass 309 Visas Granted in 2021

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Partner Visa (subclass 309) GRANTS in 2021.

These are some of the known subclass 309 Partner Visas (Provisional) GRANTED in 2021.

This is to show people who are still waiting, that some are being granted, and give an idea of how long it can take. But remember, all applications are different, and these differences can affect the time that processing takes.

  • 309 Granted: 19 Jan 2021 – Applied Nov 2020. German. Processed in Berlin in 2.5 months. Applied 46 months after relationship.
  • 309 Granted: 14 Jan 2021 – Applied Oct 2020. Canadian. Processed in Ottawa in 3 months. Applied 23 months after defacto.
  • 309 Granted: 12 Jan 2021 – Applied July 2019. Jordanian. Processed in Amman in 18 months.
  • 309 Granted: 11 Jan 2021 – Applied Mar 2019. Indian. Processed in New Delhi in 22 months. Applied 1 month after marriage.
  • 309 Granted: 8 Jan 2021 – Applied May 2020. Canadian. Processed in Ottawa in 7.5 months. 100 granted same time
  • 309 Granted: 6 Jan 2021 – Applied Oct 2020. American. Processed in Washington in 3 months. 100 granted same time, 20 year marriage.

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