Jan 09 2017

Ukrainians in Australia

Ukrainians in Australia from the 2011 Australian Census

The first Ukrainians arrived in Australia about 1860.

The 1954 Australian Census was the first Census that included numbers for Ukraine-born people, and the figure for that year was 14,751. (8,724 males and 6,027 female).

2011 Census on Ukraine born people in Australia

13,990 Ukraine-born people in Australia, up by 2.4% from 2006

2011 Ukraine born people by States in Australia

5,870 in Victoria
4,995 in New South Wales
1,128 in Queensland
1,074 in South Australia
645 in Western Australia
171 in Australian Capital Territory
88 in Tasmania
19 in Northern Territory

Ukraine Ancestry in Australia

The ancestry responses that Ukraine-born people reported in 2011 were 8,011 Ukrainian, 3,864 Russian and 2,290 Jewish.

In the ancestry section of the 2011 Census there were 38,791 people who stated they were of Ukrainian ancestry.


2011 Census: Australian Bureau of Statistics Census of Population and Housing

1954 Census – PDF file at: www.ausstats.abs.gov.au/…/Race.pdf

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